Identity Design Workbook


Editable in Canva.

Worded in a professional and friendly tone.

Absolutely NO Lorem Ipsum.

Recommended for your Branding and Website Projects.

A brand strategy guide for visual and verbal branding.

Save time formulating your own set of questions/ prompts just to get a helpful feedback for your client’s branding.

This gives you more than the usual demographics and color choices.

♥ Supercharge your offer with this guide and have everything you need to help give your client a meaningful brand design.

♥ With prompts on how to brainstorm ideas.

♥ Includes samples to guide your clients what to write.

♥ Helps in creating impactful brand messages.

When client keeps asking for absurd design choices, bring this up to get back to their business goals away from personal (or friend’s or Uncle Bob’s) preferences.